Hey, I'm Bree

I help ordinary people create extraordinary lives for themselves.

A little about me

Transformational coach,     Entrepreneur,     Storyteller, Globe Trotter

A former square peg in a round hole as an accidental accountant, in 2017 I decided I was no longer going to keep living my life by default.  It was time to get busy living my best life.  I experienced my own life-changing transformation and have never looked back.

My life’s work now is about helping you experience the joy and freedom that comes from living your dream life.

b.extraordinary group was created to help my clients discover what they really want for their life and lead them to that perfect expression of who they really are.

If you are ready to experience your best life I’m so excited to work with you.

Create the life you love

Are you imagining a life where you are happier, healthier and wealthier?
One that has you:
With more excitement and passion for your life while doing it with ease and flow?
Let’s get you thinking your way to new results!

Get moving on creating your dream life now with one of my powerful cheat sheets.

7 Steps To Retake Control Of Your Life, Career And Finances In Under 30 Days


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5 Secrets To Kill Off Your Inner Saboteur


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5 Ways To Change Your Relationship With Money


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Work with Bree

Individual & group coaching

Let me guide you to take back control of your life and achieve your desired change in your personal and professional results with exceptional action steps on what and how to do it, built in accountability and the powerful energy you experience when a group of like-minded individuals come together.

Business coaching

I’ve walked in your shoes.  As a former executive leader I know what it’s like to be tasked with achieving the objectives of the organisation.  When a team learns to think differently and let go of fixed ideas, it will bring out their best both as individuals and as a team, leading to a profound improvement in results.

Keynote speaking

There is nothing I love more than to inform, inspire and entertain audiences to want to live the life they love. I’ll share stories, teachings and tips to inspire you to start living your best life now.

Workshop facilitation

Got something specific you’d like to dig a bit deeper on with your team or community? Let’s talk about what this could look like.

Confronting, empowering, exciting, life changing! Investing in yourself is a big call but one I'm so glad I made. My mindset is unrecognisable to just 12 weeks ago and my determination to my new path forward absolutely rock solid. Bree is a great guide - little gems of insight, able to cut through the detail I'm caught in at any given time and always upbeat!
Teresa L

Bree has an amazing characteristic of positively guiding you to be your best self, challenging you to think deeply. If you have any inclination to take yourself to the next level Bree can help you do it.
Penny M

Investing in Bree’s coaching program has been a phenomenal experience and so worth it. I have collapsed time and followed through on the goal I have had for 4 years to start my own business, and I did it in the middle of a pandemic. For anyone looking to get themselves to the next level it’s a no-brainer.
Ana de V

With Bree’s guidance I am operating with a level of calmness and confidence unlike anything I have experienced before. The business is growing exponentially and our goals keep getting significantly bigger.
Core Foundations Personal Training

Working with Bree, using the Thinking Into Results program we have been able to shift our results significantly in an accelerated timeframe. Within months our monthly revenue grew 30%. Whilst we had a clear direction for the business the game changer was aligning our individual mindset to achieve those outcomes. Bree has taught us how to use a fool proof step by step process on how to continually reassess ideas, how we see ourselves and how we take action which ensures we continue to strive for and smash massive goals – both in our business and personal lives.
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